Data & Code

Formula Student Battery Testing Consortium

The Battery Testing Consortium (BTC) has been developed within the High Voltage and Energy Storage Lab at Oxford Brookes University to provide accurate and comprehensive cell data to Formula Student Electric teams. Through the BTC, we aim to provide FS teams with information for improved and informed decisions for cell selection, pack architecture design, thermal cooling requirements, and end of life predictions. A range of tests are completed to provide a comprehensive electrochemical lithium-ion characterisation for modelling, validation, and battery management parameterisation.

Modular Battery Pressure Fixture (MBPF)

The MBPF is a modular fixture designed to investigate face pressure variations on lithium-ion pouch cells while electrochemical testing is being completed. The fixture has been designed to be simple to use, accessible to manufacture, and useful across a variety of cell geometries. The files can be found on Github with a preliminary design currently being manufactured.

Lithium-Ion Battery Realisation Algorithms (LiiBRA)

LIBRA provides an open-source implementation of realisation algorithms commonly used for generating reduced-order state-space models for lithium-ion batteries. This package utilities Julia for fast computation, multiple dispatch, just-in-time compilation (JIT), and a dynamic typeset. Development in currently ongoing, so please report any bugs/issues found.