Research Areas

Cell Modelling

The HVES Group has multiple ongoing cell modelling projects. These projects focus on novel implementations of models varying from high-order physics based to data driven empirical architectures. The group has a wide range of software experience and these projects are developed in MATLAB, Julia, Python, and C++.

Key challenges the group is interested in include predictive degradation mechanisms, high-power cell characterisation, online state estimation, and thermal-coupled electrochemical modelling. The group is actively looking for collaborative open-source development projects.

Pack Modelling

Alongside the work being done in cell modelling, the group is working on pack level developments with a focus on thermal-coupled real-time models, optimal energy storage design, and thermal management of high-performance automotive packs.

Energy Storage Controls

The HVES group has a large focus on control systems research for a wide range of energy storage applications. This includes optimal control strategies for motorsport pack deployment that utilise a thermally coupled hybrid models. Additionally, online state estimation techniques are of great interest to the HVES group with experimental testing and validation occurring in our lab.

Open Source Databases

Data on electrochemical cell geometry, chemistry, and performance is critical to all of the above research areas and the HVES group is actively working on developing public databases that will feature datasets across a range of lithium ion cells. The group’s initial focus will be on high performance cells often used for Formula Student. Please contact the group if you are interested in collaborating.